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The Launch La Crosse Succession Planning program is designed to help avoid the closing of a viable business due to the lack of a successor or exit strategy.  This program will help to link retiring entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs who may be interested in buying a existing business and continuing its operation.


Launch La Crosse will act as a matchmaker between retiring business owners and aspiring business owners, and will help to facilitate the sale and transition process.

  1. Using the "Retiring Business Owner" application link below, we will collect some basic information about the existing business.

  2. Using the "Aspiring Business Owner" application link below, we will collect information from entrepreneurs that would be interested in purchasing and taking over an existing business.

  3. Once a potential match is identified, both sides will be asked to provide some more in-depth information to start the negotiation process.

  4. Launch La Crosse Advisors will serve as a neutral third party to help move negotiations forward to a fair transaction that will lead to a strong future for the business.

  5. Launch La Crosse Partners may also be able to bring other resources to the table in terms of funding, research, and support to help with both the initial transition and ongoing operations of the business.

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